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Please note that from September 1st 2021, when the new Regulation on the Tariff of Administrative Fees enters into force (NN, no. 92/21), there is no longer an obligation to pay administrative fees in the procedure for the recognition of a foreign school qualification on completed secondary education in a vocational program.

From September 1st 2021 onwards, when applying for recognition of a foreign school qualification, you are not required to pay an administrative fee on request, nor are you required to enclose a certificate of payment of an administrative fee or a certificate of exemption from administrative fees.

Type of education


Step 1

Recognition purpose


Step 2

Required documentation
and important notes


Step 3

Administrative fee payment


Step 4

Application form and
address for delivery


Step 5

Duration of the procedure


Step 6

To access the recognition procedure questionnaire, please put yout phone/tablet to 'landscape' mode.

Which level of education have you completed abroad?

e.g. primary education in total duration of 8 or 9 years.

e.g. general/language gymnasium or secondary school of music.

1 to 6 years of vocational education resulting (mostly) in a certain qualification/occupation - e.g. economist or motor vehicle driver.

master craftsman’s exam after which master craftsman’s qualification is acquired – e.g. Master craftsman-car mechanic or master craftsman–cook.

education level above secondary, that requires completion of secondary level education, but is not considered as tertiary education.

education level acquired by completion of a higher education program – e.g. Masters of Business Administration degree or graduate engineer of electrical engineering.

e.g. vocational training program for baker, vocational specialization for electro mechanic-automation specialist or course for bartender.

acquired by completion of formal education and professional training, i.e. by possessing a certain level of professional experience – e.g. nurse or primary and secondary school teacher.


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